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This page is for our SAAA Coaches and Team Representatives. It is a place for coaches and team representatives to submit information that is useful to all swimmers and their fellow teams. To submit information, contact us through our contacts page. We hope that coaches and team representatives are willing to share information about fun stuff, as well as, rules and regulations, and swim training.

Updated: 06/12/2019


Background Checks:

Oschmann Employment Screening Services is offering a discounted cost of $15 for a national criminal background check that includes the sex offender data bases. You need to indicate on each form: 1) Who from the team gets the results (the Head Coach or a team board member)? and 2) Who is responsible for paying for the reports (the Head/Assistant Coach that we are running the report on or the team)?  If the team is taking responsibility for the payment we will want the team representative to contact us with the credit card to charge the reports to.

Teams can contact the TPA department which runs the background checks.  Their group email address is

Disclosure and Authorization Form                Screening Service Agreement











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