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This page is for our downloadable documents and forms. We have downloadable entry forms for our invitational meets. Other documents will be available as necessary. You may also download the data base and enter you swimmers through a Meet Manager merge.



Updated :  02/23/2021

2021 Checklist

2021 Team Application

2021 Registration Instructions

2021 SAAA Waiver Form



2020 Files

2020 Final Roster

Virtual Meet MM Backup 2020

Virtual Meet Instructions


Virtual Invitational Backup

Virtual Invitational results are due by Monday, July 6th. Acquire times Monday - Friday. You may overlap the results with your week 3 virtual results (no need to time a swimmer twice). Swimmers are limited to 4 individual events. Age groups will be separated for awards. 


Information for Coaches:


Notice to Coaches about Teaching Backstroke Racing Starts


Teaching Racing Starts


 2019 Invitational Entry Forms

9 - 18 Invitational
Entry Form

Don Baker Desert Rat Invitational
Entry Form

8 & Under Muppet Meet Invitational  Entry Form



Please download these instructions before starting entries for Invitationals!!

Instructions for Invitational Entries

 2019 Invitational Data Bases


9-18 Invitational            Don Baker Desert Rat          Muppet Meet





These are the data bases you must use for championships. Please download, read, and follow the instructions exactly before you do anything:

Championship Data Entry Instructions


Championship Entry Data Bases 2019
San Pedro League
Pantano League

SP Data Base

Warm-up Schedule &Timing Assignments



PAN Data base

Warm-up Schedule &Timing Assignments




Canada Del Oro League

Santa Cruz League

CDO Data Base

Warm-up Schedule &Timing Assignments




SC Data Base

Warm-up Schedule &Timing Assignments






No Frames



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